Featured Classes

Interactive Roasterie Tour

There’s so much to know about coffee! Walk through our Roasterie, learn about the history of coffee and the process of sourcing and processing coffee, and even roast your own cup!

Espresso Fundamentals Workshop

Want to know how to make your own latte or cappucino? Come learn the art of making espresso, frothing milk, and pouring into a beautiful drink.

Automatic Drip Brewing Class

Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee from home using your own regular drip coffee maker! Learn some tips and tricks to optimizing your home-brewing experience so that you can enjoy really great coffee, every single morning.

Roasterie Tour Experience

Get an insider look at what a Specialty Coffee Roasterie operation looks like with our interactive Roasterie Tour!

-Walk through our Specialty Coffee Roasterie
-Sample coffees from the three major coffee growing regions of the world (South/Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia)
-Learn the history of coffee
-Learn how coffee is grown, processed and roasted!

Gongfu Tea Class

The gongfu tea ceremony is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony involving the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea. The term literally means ``making tea with skill.``

In this class, you'll learn how to properly rinse your tea and how to steep it just right using the traditional Chinese tea ceremony tools found in gongfu ceremony sets: ceramic teapot, serving pitcher and tea cups, plus a selection of delicious teas.

Espresso Fundamentals Workshop

Get a first-hand experience and lesson on the art of making espresso, along with milk frothing and pouring.

What to expect from this class:
-Basic science/chemistry of espresso making
-Brief overview of espresso history
-Basics of espresso preparation
-Basics of milk frothing and pouring
-Stovetop espresso overview

Automatic Drip Brewing Class

Want to learn how to make the best cup of coffee at home every morning? After taking this class, you will know how to optimize your auto drip coffee brewing experience right in your own kitchen. In this class, you will learn:

- The history of the automatic drip coffee brewer
- A look at the science behind extraction
- Tips and tricks for optimizing your at home coffee brewing experience
- Experience a side by side comparison of regular Mr Coffee vs a Technivorm SCAA certified brewer

AeroPress Brewing Class

Join us for an in-depth look at how to use and master brewing with the AeroPress.

What to expect from this class:
-AeroPress step-by-step brewing instruction
-Tips and tricks for crafting the perfect brew
-Alternative ways of brewing with the AeroPress
-Take home recipe card

Manual Brewing Methods Explored

If you've ever wanted to experience and learn the latest home coffee brewing methods from a pro then this class is for you! Get a first-hand overview of the most popular home coffee brewing methods on the market.

What to expect from this class:
- Basic science/chemistry of coffee brewing
- Side by side taste comparison of various brewing methods: French Press, Pour Over, Clever Dripper, Chemex, Siphon Brewer
- Tips and tricks on how to improve brewing at home

"I have been obsessed with high quality craft coffee for a couple years now. I've been to almost every coffee shop in Cincinnati... the one that tops the list is La Terza!"

Dan V. - (Yelp)

"Client satisfaction is key at La Terza; they strive to meet all of our needs in a timely fashion. [The team] has been a huge resource for learning how our machines operate and for providing maintenance. The people of La Terza have a passion for coffee, and that is evident in their top-notch product! I buy their retail bags and bring them home for myself!"

Jacob Campbell - Press on Monmouth

"La Terza has been a strong partner from a training and support aspect in addition to providing the best coffee we have found in Cincinnati. They've been integral in helping our coffee program at Maplewood Kitchen become a world class experience for our customers."

Joe Lanni - Cofounder and Owner, Maplewood Kitchen + Bar