Wholesale Partnerships

We help restaurants and coffee shops succeed.

La Terza Coffee is a specialty, artisan roasterie based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our coffee beans are thoughtfully selected from the finest estates, producers, and cooperatives in the world. By sourcing high quality beans from small, authentic farms, we are able to import the most flavorful beans while also providing sustainable, living wages to our farmers.

We believe that coffee beans go through a remarkable journey to reach each customer, starting with passionate farmers, passing through meticulous roasters, and, finally, landing into your team’s hands. You are the final step in the coffee bean’s journey, and we want to help you and your customers experience this treasure to its fullest.

At La Terza Coffee, we are committed to delivering the freshest coffee possible. The first 7-10 days after coffee beans are roasted is when they taste their absolute best. Thus, we roast each batch of coffee beans on the day of your delivery and are committed to shipping or delivering all coffees the same day, so they can be filling your cups within 48 hours of roasting!

We would be proud to have you serve our coffee. Please let me know if there are any ways we can support your business, and we look forward to creating really great cups of coffee with you!

Services & Offerings

Coffee & Tea

Wholesale coffee beans roasted the same day as delivery. Most of our coffee and espresso beans are sold at $8/lb, or approximately $0.375 per 12oz. cup of coffee.


New & used equipment available for purchase or lease, including machines, grinders, and brewers. Financing is also available.


Our technicians can assist with regularly scheduled maintenance or emergency servicing. We also provide temporary machines during repairs.

Barware & Supplies

We offer coffee accessories, barware, and supplies for your fully functioning coffee bar, including: milks, syrups, cups, sleeves, lids, stir sticks, etc.


Whether it's learning how to use your equipment or how to make a new drink, our expert teachers help your team master the coffee craft. Training is offered on-site, in our Roasterie, or via Skype if you are not local.

Business Support

There's a lot that goes into running a small business. We are proud to set ourselves apart from other coffee providers by also offering business consulting and education, helping you succeed every step of the way.

Cafe Flow

Knowing the best place to put your espresso machine, grinder, water filter, hand washing sink, and everything else is crucial to running a coffee shop or restaurant efficiently. We can help you strategically place your equipment in order to maximize workflow and increase productivity, creating both happy customer and employees.

Menu Creation

We can help you create, organize, and price your espresso, coffee, and signature tea menus based on current market trends. We also have access to a myriad of chefs who can collaborate with you. Together, we can create exclusive recipes, design seasonal menu items, and strategically build your menu so that it works within a cafe kitchen space.

A Few of Our Current Wholesale Partners