We are pleased to announce the arrival of our very first Geisha coffee. What is Geisha and what makes it so special? Geisha is a coffee varietal named after the small Ethiopian town, Gesha, where it was first harvested. From Ethiopia, it made its journey through Tanzania, Kenya, Costa Rica, Panama and is even showing up in places like Honduras and Colombia. The Geisha plants themselves stand out because of their width, large elliptical berries and the strong perfumed scent of their blossoms. The plant is also resistant to rust disease. But the thing that makes the Geisha stand out and why it’s so cherished, is its unique flavor profile. It’s a coffee on another plane of reality, almost other-worldly. When compared to other coffees, they just pale in comparison. Geisha’s are light and delicate with intense floral aroma’s, bright citrus and honey like sweetness. Geisha’s simply stand out on the cupping table like nothing else. Every year, producers in Panama organize an internet coffee auction for the global coffee community. Geisha has fetched as much as $170 a pound, unroasted, at auction. In many ways, Geisha has become the holy grail of coffee and we feel pretty lucky to have a little bit of it.

Our Geisha comes from Colombia Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Hacienda Cincinnati. Yep that’s right, the farm’s name is Hacienda Cincinnati. Hacienda Cincinnati comes from a unique growing region in the North of Colombia. Hacienda Cincinnati is located within a special biogeographic framework within the Andean tropical rainforest, with more than 20 water sources.The Hacienda has arranged its first quality lab to guarantee the best cup of coffee for the 2014-2015 harvest, This facility is completely provided with all professional equipment for the coffee laboratory. Coffee is fermented in ceramic tanks and subsequently washed with natural water originating in the spring’s mountains farm. After coffee is washed, it is naturally pre-dried and stored at the processing center under the best conditions of ventilation In addition to primary natural drying process, coffee is finally dried in silos. Since 2012 warehouse were improved to control humidity and guarantee coffee quality.

Hacienda Cincinnati was founded in 1898 by US electrical engineer Mr Orlando Lincoln Flye. Here is a brief history on Flye and his ties to Cincinnati: Born on a farm in Winslow, central southern Maine in 1861. The Flye’s had been in America early on. Orlando’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Josiah Hayden, Sr., was a colonel in the American Revolutionary War. A dedicated student, Orlando received an outstanding education in electrical engineering. Orlando was an electrical engineer who had his first job with the New England Telephone Company. In 1887, after working with them for about eight years, he left and was employed by the Proctor Gamble Company at Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1890 accepted an invitation from the Colombian Telephone & Telegraph Company in Barranquilla, Colombia. Eventually, Orlando tired of the booming telephone business in Colombia and with his substantial savings turned to the romantic business of coffee-growing. However, it was not easy…Orlando suffered a number of setbacks and after years of costly trials learned that coffee plants required a milder, cooler, more moist climate at a higher altitude to prosper. Finally, in 1898 Orlando carves Hacienda Cincinnati out of the San Lorenzo range connected to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. He works hard…becomes a success…and eventually formed the Cincinnati Coffee Company…then the powerful Santa Marta Coffee Company and in 1927 became a founding member of the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. By 1920, Hacienda Cincinnati became the most productive coffee plantation in the Colombian Caribbean region, with 500 thousand Arabica coffee tress planted by 1925. In 1964 The National Agricultural Society decorated Hacienda Cincinnati with the Grand Corss of the Oder of Agricultural Merit. In 1984 the Flye Salcedo family of Santa Marta (third generation producers) sold Hacienda Cincinnati In 2010, the Hacienda was acquired by the Cincinnati Coffee Company, owned by the Díaz Granados Guida family of Santa Marta. The property was acquired with the intention of refurbishing the property and rejuvenating the coffee trees.

Not only is this coffee a Geisha varietal, but this quality driven farm in Colombia has ties to our great city. We are proud to have this coffee in our current offerings and excited to share this with you. We have a very limited amount available and we expect it to go fast. Be sure to put your order in today and take advantage of this great opportunity to try this rare and highly prized coffee!

-Chuck Pfahler, Brand Founder

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