Ordering La Terza online or grabbing a bag of beans at our market isn’t the only way you can satisfy your daily coffee needs. Over 40 restaurants, coffee shops and even breweries throughout the Cincinnati area use our beans! We could never be where we are today without the tremendous support from the Cincinnati community. These cute coffee shops and fun hangouts serve as an extension of our family: we roast, they serve. We hope to truly show our appreciation for all those who use and love our beans, as well as send our biggest fans to different places around the city in search of a fabulous cup of coffee.

Our first location highlight is none other than our next door neighbor. Located right across from us in our home of Lockland, Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House is the perfect place to hang out with friends and have a cold, craft beer. The brewery first opened in 2009 after a lot of hard work and perseverance from founder Jason Roeper. We had the privilege of interviewing Jason’s wife and Rivertown Dream Facilitator, Lindsey, who told us more about Rivertown:

What is your name and what’s your role at the Rivertown Brewery?

Lindsey Roeper – Dream Facilitator. I like to make things happen. : )

Tell us a little about the history of the brewery.

Our Founder & Fearless Leader (also my hubby), Jason Roeper, opened Rivertown in December of 2009. He chose Lockland because of the quality of water, location to highway, and reasonable rent. It has been so exciting to see how our location has now become a hub of makers between La Terza, Fab Ferments, Beast, Angilos & more! Back to the story: when Jason was growing up, he found himself amazed by his Uncle, who would spend his weekends brewing and then bring his handcrafted libations to family gatherings.  The day Jason turned 21, he went to his Uncle’s house and brewed his first batch of beer. Jason swears it was terrible, but fortunately for all of us, he got hooked, continued to persevere, experiment, and hone his craft.

In 2007, Jason submitted a beer to the Sam Adams Longshot Competition and became a finalist with his wild, sour, unblended Lambic, called “Straight Up.” Shortly after that incredibly inspirational experience, Jason put his vision onto paper and began pounding the pavement.  He never accepted no for an answer, despite how many times he initially heard it.  Finally, Jason’s dream to share his passion with a larger audience was finally realized. In 2009, Rivertown Brewing Company was born and to this day, we continue to embrace that determined spirit in everything we do.  Currently, we can be found in 7 states including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Massachusetts, Florida and Georgia, and have an amazing, tenacious team now growing to over 30 people as we prepare to open our second Brewery & Barrel House in Monroe, Ohio.

What atmosphere are you trying to create for your customers? What kind of experience do you hope people have?

We work diligently to ensure each of our guests has an exceptional “exBEERience,” and throughout the years have really tried to make our Lockland Brewery & Barrel House a fun destination by providing our guests lots of reasons to come hang out! In addition to the thoughtfully crafted beers and exceptional service, we also offer a free play-all-day, vintage arcade, in-house slow smoked bbq & deliciously crafted sides (Wednesday-Saturdays) along with our own Rootbeer and a great vibe!  We want all our guests (no matter the age) to feel at home, welcome and comfortable staying as long as they would like.

Why do you love La Terza?

Love does not even begin to describe how I feel about La Terza!  Aside from them crafting a special Rivertown blend that we proudly use in our Roebling Vanilla Espresso Porter, and moving in across the parking lot and being just AMAZING people…their coffee is also amazing!

The La Terza team is truly passionate, knowledgeable, and kind. Being fairly new on my journey of coffee, I’ve NEVER felt judged for any of the million questions I’ve asked or coffee confessions I’ve made and the time Chuck, Robert, Karen, David, Lorenzo, Justin and Aaron have taken to educate me is just above and beyond.  It is also just generally an awesome place to hang out where you are always met with an appreciative smile and a phenomenal cup of coffee.  Everyone at the brewery knows that when they can’t find me; I’m typically at my “second office” across the way!

Now when it comes to the actual coffee side, I tell everyone that La Terza is responsible for ruining coffee for me in all the best ways.  Back in the day, I definitely did not appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted cup, but now, if a place does not have La Terza available OR does not know how to properly prepare coffee, I’d rather just go without! ?I look forward to starting every day with a beautiful cup of La Terza – the depth of flavor, the quality, the preparation…there are no words, but just a satisfied smile!

Thank you so much to Rivertown Brewery for sharing your craft with the city we love!

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