You might be surprised by the process and effort that goes into sourcing the many different types of coffee we carry at La Terza. Read about how and where we source our green, unroasted beans from the perspective of our head roaster, Robert:

“Green coffee buying, or “sourcing,” can be a tricky task if you aren’t working with trustworthy and respected farmers or coffee importers. At La Terza, we’ve been buying coffee for over 15 years from a small group of reputable coffee importers and sometimes directly from farmers. After 15 years of roasting, we have come to understand exactly what our customers want. This includes knowing what kind of profiles they’re looking for and which kinds of origins they are willing to experiment with. Our standards are pretty straightforward: we only buy coffees that score 85 and above on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Scale.

Since we bring in coffees from all over the world, it means we are constantly sampling varying coffees from different regions and micro-regions of the globe. All the coffees we bring in have a contract number and if no new crop has come in yet, then we just keep getting the same of what we’ve already vetted. When new crops arrive, we request samples, which we roast and cup at various roast and age levels to maximize the flavor. Once we are happy with the results, we buy as many bags as we can handle at our warehouse. If we find an extraordinary coffee, we contract for a few extra bags for a future date release!

We source and buy our coffees from all the major coffee growing regions in the world. From Indonesia, we always try to bring in Wet Hulled Sumatras, Washed Javas, Indonesia Bali and Blue Flores (depending on what looks good at the time!). From Africa, we always have to have a nice Kenya AA. We switch between different regions because there is an abundance of amazing coffees from Kenya. We also bring two different Ethiopian coffees, a Washed and Natural Ethiopia. Every once in awhile, we bring in a Tanzania Peaberry or a Uganda Bugisu AA. We also bring in a few coffees from the Caribbean or from places like Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. Of course, the bulk of our coffees come from Central and South Latin America from countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras to mention a few.

Green coffee sourcing and buying is one of my favorite things to do at La Terza since it means I have the opportunity to taste some amazing coffees that I would otherwise have missed out on. It’s paramount that we don’t make very drastic changes in taste profiles for the coffees we bring in since all our clients and customers appreciate consistency above everything else.

We take great pride in what we do and we will always cherish the relationships we’ve created with our farmers, importers and most importantly, our customers!”


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