At La Terza, we’ve never really had to go looking for amazing team members. They somehow always find us! Each person who has joined the La Terza team has found the company, said in some capacity, “Hey, I want to take part in this!,” and they have turned out to be some of the top people in their respective fields. For example, after moving to Cincinnati from Uganda, our Head Roaster, Robert, joined the team following his quest to find the most high-quality coffee roaster in the city. He has brought the quality of La Terza roasts to a whole new level. After finding La Terza, Lorenzo, who is head of equipment and espresso machine maintenance, felt such a connection to the company that he said, “I just want to help; what can I do?!” Now, he’s doing some truly cutting-edge things with the machines and continuing to push the industry forward. Of course, La Terza wouldn’t even be in existence without Chuck, our original Founder. Now he brings his unparalleled passion for coffee to people wherever they are on their journey through training and coffee classes. And our CEO, David, didn’t even like coffee when he first started working with La Terza as a business consultant, and he has played the crucial role of growing La Terza to where it is today. We are so incredibly lucky to have attracted each of these individuals to our team… and one of our newest team members, Nicole, is no different.

As you’ll read in Nicole’s interview below, David visited Nicole’s high school marketing class, where she learned all about La Terza and was intrigued by the social impact piece of the company. In the same way our other team members did, Nicole approached Dave and expressed her interest in wanting to become a part of what La Terza is doing.

Initially, Nicole joined as a marketing intern, helping with farmers markets and promoting our Roasterie Tours and coffee classes. Following her internship, she continues to work with us in different capacities, helping with marketing, blog content, and most recently has been the force behind the creation and organization of wholesale information content.

Nicole says she’s ‘unqualified’ because of her youth and lack of experience, but it is her character that makes her highly qualified to be a part of this team. As she began working with us on projects, her value began to show in the quality of person that she is. David says, “Just like we can’t imagine La Terza without any of our other team members who are here, we can’t imagine Nicole not being a part of the team either!” She is hard-working, passionate about people and quality of work, and she continues to challenge us to continue to be a better company.

Nicole has lived in Cincinnati her whole life and recently graduated from Sycamore High School.  This year, she will be attending the University of Cincinnati to study in the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program within the Lindner College of Business. Some of her favorite things to do are baking, traveling, playing soccer, water skiing, and volunteering. She recently traveled to Norway for a long visit with a friend who was an exchange student at Sycamore.

Read our interview with Nicole to find out more about how she got involved and what she loves about working with La Terza:

“I never thought I would find myself working at a coffee roasterie; I didn’t even like coffee when I started working here just over a year and a half ago. You may be thinking to yourself ‘Why would they hire a girl who didn’t like coffee?!’ To be honest, sometimes I ask myself the same question!

When David came to speak to my high school marketing class, I didn’t think my life would soon change dramatically. He was in search of an intern and I in search of an internship. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the idea of high-end and meticulously roasted coffee beans that prompted me to speak to Dave; it was everything that La Terza was doing to help people worldwide.

As a junior at Sycamore, I had written a long research paper about social enterprise companies, or “business who give back.” I have known for a long time that business was the area I want to work in, but I have always struggled with the notion that being in business could mean that making an impact on the world wouldn’t play as prominent a role in my day-to-day life.

However, when Dave came to speak, my paper came alive. Not only did La Terza have outstanding coffee, but they also had a social mission which guides their business principles.  He spoke of how all the beans are sourced in a responsible way, and that all of the coffee farmers and their employees are paid living wages for their product. Every person from crop to cup is respected as a valuable person.

After class, I approached Dave with my opening line: “I don’t like coffee, but I love what your company is all about!” Surprisingly, he replied saying that he felt the same way three years ago when he became the owner. I just had a feeling that this new experience would be invaluable and it has proved to be just that and more.

I am young and under-qualified, but the La Terza team took a risk and never looked back. I love my job, I love the people, and I am so grateful for all of the incredible experiences I’ve had so far while working here. If you ever have been to La Terza, you know that the hospitality of all the people who work here is just as high-quality as our coffee. This is just one reason I feel proud to work at La Terza and the spread the word about such a great company.

And hey, I even learned to like coffee just in time for college!”

We are so thrilled for Nicole and her new season of life in college! We are even more happy that we don’t have to lose her; she will continue to work with La Terza in a part-time capacity and will also be able to take what she learns in business school and apply it in a small business format at La Terza.

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