As many of you know, shortly after the turn of the New Year, La Terza received a really big, belated Christmas present… like, really big! A new roaster!

The SF25 from the San Franciscan Roasting Company is twice as large as our old roaster, able to roast up to 25 pounds of coffee at a time, and up to 4 batches an hour. That means we’ll be able to roast even more coffee at a quicker rate, but for us, the biggest difference is quality.

“La Terza is always pushing forward and taking steps to improve.”

-Robert, La Terza’s Master Roaster

Our new roaster gives Robert the ability to manipulate so many factors that go into roasting phenomenal coffee. Temperature, gas, and even the speed of the cooling fan can be changed at any time, allowing Robert to roast each coffee profile with even more precision and control. If you thought our coffee was great before, we can’t wait for you to try it now!

Custom-built in Nevada of handcrafted American parts, the SF25 is as beautiful as it is enduring. The craftsmanship over at the San Franciscan Roasting Company is unparalleled in the industry, and that’s evident in the overall detail and quality of the machine.

The new roaster is beautiful and we’re thankful to have it, but it also represents the turning of a new leaf for La Terza. The opportunity to roast with an SF25 means that even in a season of rapid growth and expansion, we are continuing to put quality coffee at the forefront of our operation. After all, the meticulous way in which we roast is what makes La Terza coffee great. We’re being very intentional about the steps we take to improve so that we never lose sight of our mission: to provide our partners with phenomenal coffee.

Thank you for joining us on this new journey in speciality coffee. We look forward to sharing La Terza’s “new toy” with you the next time you visit the Roasterie!


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