Beyond the bow… A look inside Yemeni Coffee

We’re excited to introduce this special Yemeni coffee… right in time for the holidays! The coffee was sourced from Al-Ezzi Industries, an exporter in Haraaz, Yemen that strives to “develop sustainable agricultural and long-term health for the Yemeni mountain communities.” It is described by Cafe Imports as a natural-processed coffee that is “sweet with tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; very fruity with coriander and strawberry flavor!” 

If you were ever curious as to how La Terza sources our green coffee, a majority of our single-origins come to us through several close relationships we have with ethical coffee importers, like Cafe Imports! The Minnesota-based company has worked with Al-Ezzi Industries to bring us this coffee, and they applaud Al-Ezzi Industries for issuing ID cards for producers to track “quality, quantity and payment.” The ID system ensures complete traceability and transparency within the Yemeni coffee supply chain. Additionally, Al-Ezzi Industries’ Haraaz “Fresh” label isn’t just an empty word, but indicates that this coffee was purchased in fresh berry form from producers. 

We have all seen the reports coming from Yemen concerning the Civil War that has paralyzed the country since 2015. However, many do not know about Yemen’s rich history and relationship with coffee. Though Ethiopia is widely recognized as the “birthplace” of coffee, Yemen is in fact the first country in which coffee was grown commercially!

Yemen’s geography is the essential ingredient for its coffee’s unique flavors, which have led to its price premium. Hussein Ahmed, a Yemeni coffee exporter, explains that Yemen’s arid climate produces less caffeinated coffee beans (caffeine is in fact a bitter, protective substance for plants), promoting the coffee’s floral flavor notes. Shabbir Ezzi, the founder of Al-Ezzi Industries, explains that Yemeni coffee can be even more profitable than the commonly grown narcotic khat, which has contributed to Yemen’s water scarcity crisis. As a result, many farmers are converting their crops from narcotics to coffee!

At La Terza, we’re excited to be a part of the revitalization of the Yemeni coffee industry. It is an impressive feat to coordinate the logistics of importing coffee from Yemen and to establish a transparent coffee value chain. Cafe Imports and Al-Ezzi Industries have done the hard work necessary to achieve sustainable, high-quality sourcing, and now we have the privilege of roasting and sharing this phenomenal coffee with you. 

Included with every bag? Exploitation-free coffee, fair wages for Yemeni producers, and a festive holiday gift bow!

As a reminder, this coffee is extremely limited-quantity and won’t be around for long.

Pre-order your coffee here!


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