Women don’t just spend time drinking coffee, they spend time cultivating, producing, selling, importing and roasting coffee as well! Why is this news? Like most industries women make up a vast percentage of the consumer as well as laborer to produce coffee but are often undercompensated, under represented and often limited to specific gendered roles. One of our goals at La Terza is to work with Women run coffee farms to create an equitable industry for generations to come.  In a 2018 “Perfect Daily Grind” article, research is quoted as showing “They (women) were less represented in trading, exporting, and analysis or lab work: they were labourers, not decision-makers or business owners. Additionally, few women owned land or businesses.” 

The general trend we see in research and in our own experience is that women run coffee farms often bring additional resources to their communities. Our direct trade relationship with Katia Duke of Honduras is the perfect example of this. Katia has built a school on her farm and is working on a community kitchen as we speak. Much of this is derived from the fact that in many cultures women are the caretakers of school age children and when women go to work, the kids come too. Instead of using children for labor, these kids have been given an opportunity at education. This route certainly does not fix all of our problems in reaching an equal and fair coffee industry, however, the positive ripple effects coffee communities experience when women owned businesses are supported is undeniable. The FAO stated by allotting more titles and business resources to women in agriculture their endeavours could, “reduce the number of hungry people in the world by 12 to 17 percent, or 100 to 150 million people.” 

This month La Terza will feature our Women’s produced Guatemalan coffee as well as feature some snap shots of women, from the farm to your local coffee shops, that are shaping the future of coffee and community for all. This is our way of spotlighting their hard work. We hope you will help us support these businesses!

To read more about Women coffee producers check out https://perfectdailygrind.com/2018/03/women-in-the-coffee-industry-what-you-should-know/


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