Our Mission

La Terza Coffee is an artisan coffee and espresso roasterie that specializes in freshly and expertly roasted coffee beans. We serve coffee houses and restaurants and deliver freshly-roasted beans, so that our customers experience the freshest, best-tasting cup of coffee possible.

We make it a priority to work directly and transparently with our coffee farmers and suppliers from around the globe.

“La terza” means “the third” in Italian. Not only do we want to honor espresso’s Italian birthplace, but also the three primary regions of the world where coffee comes from: Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia.

We also roast each coffee bean differently. When sourced and roasted at the highest levels, coffee is very similar to wine. It has specific cupping notes and natural flavor profiles; it changes seasonally and annually, based on soil, rain, and other weather conditions. It pairs wonderfully with different foods. Our roasting team is led by Robert Mbabazi, a certified Q Grader. He evaluates each coffee bean and develops a custom roasting recipe to ensure each bean is roasted to bring out the most flavor.

We deliver fresh coffee to our customer within 48 hours of roasting. Coffee tastes best when consumed within 7-10 days from roasting, so we ship and deliver quickly so that beans are at your door at the perfect time.

We love talking about and experiencing coffee, so we designed our roasterie for tours and classes. Our customers are encouraged to come in throughout the week to see the roasting process and ask questions. We also regularly offer a variety of coffee classes, roasterie tours, and events for our coffee-loving customers.

You can read more about our coffee and offerings here.

We are also proud to be the go-to resource for coffee shops, restaurants, and cafés. In addition to the best wholesale coffee around, we also provide coffee education, machinery and supplies, business support, barista education, and more. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the “Services” tab above, or feel free to email info@laterzacoffee.com to learn more or set up an appointment with one of our amazing Account Managers.

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