Barista Training & Education

Whether it’s learning how to use your equipment or how to make a new drink, our expert teachers help your team master the coffee craft. FREE barista training is offered for all of our accounts on-site, in our Roasterie, or via Skype if you are not local.

Some of the subjects we teach:

  • manual brewing methods — Aeropress, Chemex Pourover, etc.
  • how to pull the best espresso shot
  • the art of milk frothing
  • how to make the perfect espresso drinks
  • latte art
  • tea brewing
  • history of coffee
  • coffee roasting
  • and more!

Business Consulting

We want to make sure your business is profitable in every aspect. The financial stability of your business is crucial to sustainability, long-term success, and community impact. We not only seek to assist you with efficiently running the coffee side of your business, but other facets as well. We offer basic business coaching including goal setting and implementation, cost of goods spreadsheets, SWOT analysis, employee assessments, and more. We also offer a Coffee Accelerator Program for new and current coffee shops who want to optimize their business in every way.

In addition, we have active relationships with multiple networks which assist small business owners with lawyers, accounting services, and small business loans.

Branding & Marketing

There’s a lot that goes into running a small business. We are proud to set ourselves apart from other coffee providers by offering small business consulting and education, helping you succeed every step of the way. From your brand to your social media presence, we have on-site digital marketing consultants that specialize in design, digital marketing, brand creation, and more to take your business to the next level.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Brand creation & development
  • Web design
  • Digital marketing and search engine optimization
  • Social media strategy and content creation

Drink Menu Creation

If you want to provide a unique menu with specialized drinks based on your customer base, we will not only help you develop recipes, but also ensure that you know how to size and price your offerings while providing a high-quality product your customers will crave. We also have access to a myriad of chefs who can collaborate with you. Together, we can create exclusive recipes, design seasonal menu items, and strategically build your menu so that it works within your unique space.

Cafe Flow

Knowing the best place to put your espresso machine, grinder, water filter, hand washing sink, and everything else is crucial to running a coffee shop or restaurant efficiently. We can help you strategically place your equipment in order to maximize workflow and increase productivity, creating both happy customers and employees.