La Terza’s newest offering is our Coffee Accelerator Course. This 2-day, intensive workshop is designed for both current coffee shop owners and those wanting to open a shop in the future.

We bring in experts to teach the basics about opening a shop (Coffee 101), and more advanced courses on growing and sustaining a successful business (Coffee 201). We’re now offering Barista training as well, taught by our world-class trainers. (We’re not kidding- check out this link!)

If you or someone you know would benefit from a course like this, sign up today!

Coffee 101 Topics:

History of Coffee & Coffee Today

Training & Scheduling

Finding Your Company Voice

The Legality of Employees

Menu Development and COGS

Finding the Perfect Equipment

Coffee Cupping and Training

Investment and Fundraising

Setting a Solid Business Foundation

First Year Expectations

Coffee 201 Topics:

Coffee Shops as a Third Space

Start with Why – Sharing your Story

The Hedgehog Concept, SWOT & Bullets

Using Business for Social Good

Team Culture and Atmosphere

Leadership Skills and Styles

Competition and Collaboration

Marketing and Social Media

Best Hiring Practices

Overview of Topics from 101

Making Change Last