About La Terza

La Terza Coffee exists to foster human connection by guiding and supporting community spaces. We give coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes everything they need to succeed so that they can be thriving pillars in their communities. From meticulously roasted coffee to dynamic, engaging business courses, we live to serve our partners so that they can focus on what matters: the people they serve.

How to Take Care during
COVID-19 Virus

We know that the world can seem like a pretty scary, unpredictable place right now.

That’s why we put together a 45-minute webinar with our Chief Visionary, David, to help guide you through the very challenging task of living day-to-day while also planning for what’s ahead.

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Want to open
a coffee shop?

Our coffee business course will meet you where you’re at, and guide you to where you want to be.


Our Coffee Business School can now be accessed at La Terza’s new online platform so you can move at your own pace through every step of opening a coffee shop… all from your own device!

Here’s what business owners are saying about our courses:

I am so thankful for this class! La Terza has provided me with all the  information I need… not just for training, but also how to operate a business. They have taught me what I needed to know to succeed within the coffee industry.

Alejandra Flores, Owner of Unataza Coffee in Dayton, KY. Attended Day One of the Coffee Accelerator Course

Sometimes in the day-to-day, we can lose sight of why the space we have is so important. I want my whole team to take this course! It is so important for coffee shops to pull away and reorient and think, “Yes, that is what we do and why.

– Cynthia “Cymp” Stemple, Founder of Coffee Hub in Xenia and Beavercreek, OH. Attended All Three Days of the Coffee Accelerator Course

“We can’t wait to serve you!”

– The La Terza Team