La Terza University’s Coffee Accelerator Course will guide you through all stages of opening a coffee shop: from ideation, feasibility and business planning, to developing team culture, market launch and long-term sustainability.


– Weekly teaching webinars by La Terza CEO, David Gaines
– Weekly office hours for personalized coaching calls
Vetted and organized online course work, videos, tutorials, pdfs, guides, and exercises
– One to two expert guest webinars on PR and how to get on your local TV for opening!
– Cohort support and community for feedback and celebration
Cloverleaf personality assessment platform for business and teams
– Welcome gift of goodies (obviously COFFEE and… a workbook)
Registration Ends March 15th!

Watch the replay of our Coffee Fest webinar,

“Not IF, but WHEN… How To Prepare You And Your Team For Handling Difficult Situations”

– When does it start? Registration is OPEN!

– How long does the course last? 7 weeks.

– How do I sign up? Click the button above to sign up.

– When do I sign up? Registration is open now and closes March 12th, 2021.

– How much time investment each week? Your time is valuable to us! You can expect weekly workshops and office hours, along with guest speakers and one-on-one coaching sessions. This experiential work is supplemental to our documented materials. You can expect a 2-5 hour/week investment.

– Can my business partner or manager participate in the course with me? Yes! We invite collaboration. If an additional workbook is required, we ask for a small, added fee.

– What sort of results can I expect? This course is designed to equip cafe owners and managers with business tools needed to not only open up a coffee shop, but to succeed and thrive quicker. You will walk away well-versed in everything coffee, from history to preparation, from hiring to employee handbooks, from branding to marketing, from financial modeling to raising money, from real estate to plumbing, from equipment to brewing, and MORE!

– What is the total value? The Coffee Accelerator Course is valued at $5,250.

– How much does it cost? $2,995!
Registration is open! Don’t miss out.

Once you sign up, you can expect an opening call with of Chief Visionary, David Gaines, and a welcome gift with online and printed materials, coffee and tea, and a brewing tool.
After nearly a decade of helping nearly a hundred coffee shops open, La Terza University was manifested. Too often we witness coffee shops open and close before they are able to even get in front of the customer. Once a lease is signed, money starts going out, and more often than not (if not always), opening is delayed months. Those that have gone through La Terza’s accelerator course were able to avoid this financial stress by being fully prepared for an opening and in turn, saving thousands of dollars on that alone. Beyond that, previous cohort members of the accelerator course have saved immeasurable amounts of money through low attrition rates, healthy margins from the start, profit turned quicker, and expedited learning for new owners to shift time wasted on the little details to make space for actually running and marketing the business. Over 50% of all cohort members have since opened a second or even THIRD location!
Beyond that, La Terza University is about much more than saving money. Nearly everyone who comes to La Terza Coffee with a desire to open up a coffee shop come with another driving force – a passion for creating a safe space for building community. Because, let’s face it, as a society we have lost the art of dialogue. The community coffee shop has become (even more importantly today) a place for people to gather, to work, to converse, to be creative over a beverage that is a catalyst for all of the above. And the HEART behind La Terza University is to help make more safe spaces available to everyone, because that is the potential of the neighborhood coffee shop. Ultimately, it is a space to ignite and unite.

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