La Terza Coffee Beans

We source our coffee beans ethically and sustainably, partnering with small, authentic farms and estates. We know where every bean comes from, and we ensure that each farmer and worker is paid a dignified, fair trade wage. Our beans come from all over the world, from Indonesia to Africa to Central America, and we offer dozens of varieties from each region. Once you find your favorite region, you’ll even start noticing how beans taste different based on the country and climate.

Customized Coffee Subscription

Get the freshest coffee delivered right to your door, just the way you like it, as often as you like it.

Our Coffee Rhythm is completely customizable, so you can choose what type of coffee you want (full bodied or light bodied? espresso or decaf?), if you’d like it ground or whole bean, and you can even personalize how often it gets delivered.

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The Roasting Process

We roast each of our coffees differently. Our Master Roaster, who hails from Uganda, has won multiple barista championships around the world. He evaluates each bean variety and develops a custom roasting recipe. Some beans are roasted for longer than others, while others are roasted at lower temperatures. This guarantees each coffee has the optimum flavor, perfect for that harvest and climate.

Our roasterie is located in the Lockland neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we roast all of our beans in house. We operate a small coffee shop (with free wifi!) at the front of the roasterie. We also offer roasterie tours, coffee classes, and private event rentals.

Wholesale Partnership

We are proud to offer not only the highest quality wholesale coffee to our partners, but everything else you need to run your coffee shop or café as well. Our diverse array of offerings include business support, barista education, machinery, supplies, and much more. Click here to learn more about wholesale coffee and cold brew, and check out our “Services” dropdown at the top of the page to learn about our other offerings.

Where to find La Terza Coffee

You can find La Terza coffee for sale throughout the Greater Cincinnati / Dayton region, from restaurants to coffee shops to grocery stores.

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