Honduras Copán Ruinas – Blessing Not Burden – Special Edition


100% of the proceeds support CRCNA’s “Blessing Not Burden” campaign.


At La Terza Coffee, it’s always been in our DNA to work closely with coffee producers and push towards a living wage for all, alleviating poverty through specialty coffee.

Several of our single-origins are from countries being directly affected by poverty, violence, and corruption, resulting in individuals being displaced from their homes and families… including Honduras.

In an effort to honor the hands that grow the coffee we enjoy each day, we want to do something about the issues faced by our friends from Central America. We have been personally blessed by immigrants in our community and we invite you to join us in raising funds for the CRCNA’s “Blessing Not Burden” campaign!

For a limited time, all profits from our retail sales of this direct-trade, Honduran coffee will fund the “Blessing Not Burden” campaign: projects that will create lasting change through advocacy and volunteer mobilization.

What’s the story behind this coffee?

Since 1975, the Duke Family’s love and care for their coffee plantation has allowed them to cultivate eco-friendly, specialty coffee. Their farm, “San Isidro,” is the home of more than 180 species of orchids, birds (including hummingbirds), and butterflies in Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

For the past 5 years, the farm has transitioned from the production of conventional coffee to specialty coffee and began a pre-selection process for the Alliance For Coffee Excellence’s “Cup of Excellence”- the most prestigious competition and award for high-quality coffees.

The empowerment of women has been a key piece to achieve their transformation. The women of Farm San Isidro are an integral part of the productive process: from the collection of coffee and quality control to the manual selection of coffee exportation.

“The passion and commitment of our women allows us to offer world-class coffee. We believe that through the women of Farm San Isidro, we will inspire future generations to cultivate a love for the land and a passion for the production of specialty coffee.”– Katia Duke, Farm Owner


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 5 in