Brazil Forca Café Eugenio Rossi F. Souza


Nutella, Clove, Baking spices

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In early 2014, Stocker and the coffee nonprofit HRNS do Brasil began considering how they might assist Brazil’s smallholder producers in not only improving their agronomy practices and cup quality but also profitability. The result was the Forca Café Championship — a contest to determine and celebrate the best coffees from Minas Gerais’ smallholder producers, which they paired with an online auction through which buyers around the world could compete for the lots.

On Oct. 21, 2019, an international group of NKG importers, exporters and customers convened on Fazenda da Lagoa to cup the nearly 180 samples submitted to the Sixth Annual Força Café Competition, and on Friday, Oct. 25, 10 winners were announced in the respective categories of Semi-Washed Coffees and Natural Coffees. At which, Eugenio Rossi F. Souza took fourth place.

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