Coffee Accelerator Course Cohort

$5,250.00 $2,995.00

Next Cohort Fall 2021!

The goal is to get you open sooner! By getting you open sooner, we are saving you thousands of dollars. By the time you sign a lease, the clock starts ticking and money starts going out. By even just getting you ready to open prior to signing a lease, you stop the clock on the money going out.

This course is designed to equip cafe owners and managers with business tools needed to not only open up a coffee shop, but to succeed and thrive quicker. You will walk away well-versed in everything coffee, from history to preparation, from hiring to employee handbooks, from branding to marketing, from financial modeling to raising money, from real estate to plumbing, from equipment to brewing, and MORE!

Valued at $5,250!!

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Payment due prior to start of cohort



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