Costa Rica Microlot Hacienda La Chimba


Coffee cherry, cocoa and almond


Hacienda La Chimba is a 72-hectare farm with 68 hectares of coffee planted, in several different varieties including Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra, and Obata. It was originally purchased in the 1970s and is now run by Josué Contreras, who took over the operations in 2012 and oversaw the construction of a micromill for increased quality and efficiency in 2015.

Josué is very passionate about coffee and describes himself as a tried-and-true coffee person: “Coffee has been in my life since I was 3 years old. My mom gave me my baby bottle with coffee and milk in it. My taste for coffee began back then; first I was a coffee drinker, later I realized I am a coffee lover. It’s my daily motivation, what I like and enjoy doing. I don’t consider myself as an office person. I like to be active during the day, interact with people. I found in coffee that my personal and professional passions are met. It has allowed me to meet other coffee farmers, to know their realities and difficulties and to learn a great deal from them.”

The farm produces coffees using many different post-harvest processes, but for the Honey coffees the cherries are picked ripe and depulped immediately before being dried on raised beds.

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