In addition to sourcing ethically traded beans and teas from our partners, La Terza is actively seeking ways to become more kind to people and the planet. We believe that for-profits have the power to do a lot of social good, and that’s why social responsibility is woven into every aspect of our business. Here are some of the awesome organizations we partner with:

Cafe Imports

One of our primary suppliers of green coffee, Cafe Imports seeks to both empower and respect coffee growers through a living wage and reduce the negative effects that the coffee industry can have on our planet.

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS)

La Terza is partnering with the Department of Student Services, a start-up grant from the Ohio Department of Education, and the Viaquest Foundation to give students in Cincinnati an opportunity to begin and sustain their own businesses at Cincinnati Public high schools! Students will learn about entrepreneurship by providing phenomenal coffee at their schools! 

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Ever wonder what we do with all our burlap coffee bags when they’re done carrying beans? We love to reuse them for wholesale coffee deliveries, but we also donate the bags to the Cincinnati Zoo for the primates to play with! It would appear that they love coffee almost as much as we do…


Community Refugee & Immigration Services serves the growing refugee and immigrant populations of Central Ohio, helping them to resettle and successfully integrate into life in a new place. We support the right to live with self-sufficiency and support their work through the donation of proceeds from our Honduran coffee.

Edible Ohio Valley

La Terza is a VIP Subscriber to Edible Ohio Valley, which seeks to educate the public about local, healthy produce and food-makers in our area. We love food and we love supporting local producers, so the partnership just makes sense!


Freeset is a local partner that employs individuals escaping exploitation. They make our fabulous tee-shirts, which are as soft as they are world-changing! Freeset is also a Fair Trade Guaranteed Company, which is pretty amazing.

Finca San Isidro

Our current direct-trade coffee comes from Finca San Isidro in Copán Ruinas, Honduras. Farmer Katia Duke employs people in her community to carefully grow, harvest, sort, and process the coffee you enjoy by paying workers a living wage and extending the working season. She also built a school on the farm for local children and is working to add a community kitchen so they can enjoy dependable, healthy meals.

Habitat for Humanity

In addition the awesome home-building work that Habitat for Humanity does, they also sponsor regular “Women Inspiring Women” breakfasts… at La Terza! They provide the food and the amazing speakers, and we provide the phenomenal coffee.

InterAmerican Coffee

We also source coffee from InterAmerican Coffee, and they’re all about building long-lasting connections with their specialty coffee suppliers and fostering sustainable relationships– both with farmers and with the earth.


IVOsCafe sits in Los Naranjos, Honduras, run by Irina Orellana, an intentional social entrepreneur just like those on the La Terza team. IVOsCafe will be able to continue supporting local suppliers and hiring young people thanks to its thriving community and will soon benefit from our specialized fund devoted to bringing the La Terza business accelerator course to their community!

Kind Flash

Kind Flash‘s mission is simple: to spread love and kindness. We host a collection box in winter to gather donations that volunteers distribute to those in need, and participate in their “pay it forward” program, allowing customers to buy a stranger’s drink.

Office of Social Justice

Its use of advocacy to enact public policy changes is what makes the Office of Social Justice a group we like to work with. Whether it is immigration and refugee advocacy, poverty and hunger care, or the causes that impassion their many partners, we’re happy to support their work through the donation of proceeds from our Honduran coffee.

Ohio River Foundation

For two years now, La Terza has been a sponsor at the Cincinnati Coffee Festival, which is produced by and benefits the Ohio River Foundation! Coffee is 98% water, so water quality is definitely something we can get behind.

Preemptive Love Coalition

Preemptive Love Coalition prides itself in “unmaking violence” that refugees face in the States, in Syria, and in Iraq through job creation and other services at the frontlines of conflict. La Terza is honored to give a portion of our Honduran bag proceeds to this non-profit.

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)

The SEA is a nationwide collaborative of social entrepreneurs and nonprofits– organizations that seek to do more than just make a profit, but to make lasting change for our world. La Terza is a member of the SEA and our Chief Visionary, David, is the Chair of the Greater Cincinnati Regional chapter!

Sonlight Power

We proudly source coffee from a single-origin, woman-owned farm in Honduras: Finca San Isidro. Since many of the women working on the farm educate their kids at a nearby school, La Terza is partnering with Sonlight Power and Unataza to bring solar power to the school! Electricity can radically empower kids there and their ability to learn, so we’re proud to support Sonlight’s projects at Finca San Isidro.

Specialty Coffee Association

How could we not be a member of the Specialty Coffee Association? They are an amazing nonprofit dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and to creating an industry that is “fair, sustainable, and nurturing for all.” We’re proud to be a member of an organization that runs on respect, sustainability, and community… and phenomenal coffee, of course!


La Terza’s team is awesome because of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We partner with Starfire, and they build better communities by finding meaningful job placements for people with developmental disabilities. Our team wouldn’t be the same without Lauren, who helps with packaging and other office work at La Terza!

Su Casa

Su Casa is Greater Cincinnati’s primary provider of social, educational, language, employment and health services to the Hispanic/Latino immigrant community. Their services depend on the generosity of others, so La Terza is happy to give a portion of its Honduran bag proceeds to Su Casa.

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot has super similar core values to ours here at La Terza… except they make tea! Located in Boulder, Colorado, The Tea Spot is a woman-owned tea producer built on making healthy, fresh teas more accessible. As a certified B Corp, they donate a portion of their proceeds to cancer and community wellness programs!

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