Wholesale Coffee

All the coffee beans we source are thoughtfully selected from the finest estates, producers, and cooperatives in the world. By sourcing high quality beans from small, authentic farms, we are able to import the most flavorful beans while also providing sustainable, living wages to our farmers.

We believe coffee beans go through a remarkable journey to reach each customer, starting with passionate farmers, passing through meticulous roasters, and finally, landing into your team’s hands. You are the final step in the coffee bean’s journey, and we want to help you and your customers experience this treasure to its fullest.

At La Terza Coffee, we are committed to delivering the freshest coffee possible. The first 7-10 days after coffee beans are roasted is when they taste their absolute best. Thus, we roast each batch of coffee beans to order and are committed to shipping or delivering all coffee within 24 hours so it can be filling your cups at just the right time!

Nitro & Cold Brew Coffee/Tea

The cold brew making process is often seen as difficult and time-consuming for staff. So whether you want to learn how to make your own cold brew or simply have it delivered in kegs, we are here to help. We’ve created our Cold Brew Keg Program system in an effort to continue simplifying the experience of owning a coffee shop and to increase quality control.

Custom Coffee Blends

Each custom house blend is uniquely created to fit the flavor profile of your choice and is completely unique to your business. Since some coffees aren’t always in season, each blend is specially created so that if a particular coffee isn’t available, our master roaster can pick a comparable coffee to keep your blend consistent in profile. We can also create a custom label with your logo so you can sell bags of your custom blend at your business location.

We would be proud to have you serve our coffee. Please let us know if there are any ways we can support your business… we look forward to creating phenomenal cups of coffee with you!

Wholesale Tea

La Terza offers a wide variety of specialty teas, made available through our partnerships with The Tea Spot and Teton Tea Company. Both companies have strict, sustainable, and philanthropic business practices, holding to the same ethical sourcing standards as we do.

Whether you’re looking for signature blends or single origin teas, we can help you choose the best for your customers and create an exclusive tea menu, complete with unique tea lattes, chai drinks, and other signature beverages.

Or, visit our Wholesale Inquiries page for more information.